Mr. Marshalls firm was affiliated with firms in Seattle, Los Angeles, New York City and Washington DC and he was involved in cases in Los Angeles and San Francisco. While acting as main counsel in the related Canadian lender liability litigation against the Royal Bank, he was involved from 1983 until 1992 in a $200 million Los Angeles civil jury lender liability case, and its aftermath, against the bank. Through colleagues in Los Angeles, Marshall met Barry Cappello, Californias foremost lender liability lawyer and one of Americas leading trial lawyers. Wanting to learn the secrets of top lawyers who acted against banks, Marshall arranged a sabbatical with Mr. Cappello, who acted only for borrowers. During his sabbatical he worked with Mr. Cappello on a $440 Million Dollar civil jury case against General Electric Credit Corporation and the NBC Television Network.

In the course of his sabbatical, Mr. Marshall was invited by Dr. George I. Brown, Head of the Confluent Education Department of the University of California (Santa Barbara), to take part as visiting scholar in Dr. Brown's Gestalt Psychology Program at UCSB. There Marshall pursued his interest in understanding the human dynamics affecting witnesses, especially in a courtroom viewed as a total communication system, with a view to learning how to most effectively get the best from a witness when he or she testifies in a legal proceeding.

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