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Thu, January 13, 2005

Fateri is Feterik's problem

By DAN TOTH -- Calgary Sun

Hey, what about Fred?

Former Stampeders COO Fred Fateri seems like a forgotten man since the team has been sold to local interests.

Hired by former owner Michael Feterik late in the 2002 season, Fateri was removed in September the following year.

He moved back to California but hired Calgary lawyers and started legal action here last year for a 10% stake in the franchise.

"That's an issue that's between Mr. Fateri and the past ownership," suggested Ted Hellard , one of the new ownership group's three managing directors.

"It's a legal question we're very comfortable with."

Key is the new owners didn't purchase Calgary Stampeder Football Club Corp., Feterik's company that controlled the team. They just purchased the assets.

John Forzani , another managing director in the new ownership group, also denied any responsibility for Fateri , claiming any legal issues are Feterik's problem.

"We're buying the assets and not the negatives," Forzani said.

"The agreement is, although Mike might have some issues with some people, we believe those are not our responsibilities."

The new owners are responsible for all coaches and management. Assistant coaches are under contract until the end of January with both president Ron Rooke and GM-head coach Matt Dunigan having been offered severance packages.

"We bought all the assets -- everything from the paraphernalia in the Stamps Store, to all the contracts, to the helmets, running shoes and shoulder pads," Forzani said.