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F-Troop follies return to McMahon?
Fateri says he was booted from stadium
Michael Petrie
Calgary Herald

The F-Troop follies have been revived at McMahon Stadium.

Former Calgary Stampeders vice-chairman Fred Fateri said he was escorted out of the stadium by police Saturday night at the behest of team owner Michael Feterik.

Fateri claimed he was visiting friends in the box suite for the RGO Group when a McMahon Stadium employee told him he had to leave.

"I wasn't drunk, I wasn't bothering anyone," said Fateri. "I was just sitting there watching the game.

"The guy came in and said there were two police officers outside and he was told to escort me out.

"He said, 'They want you out.'

"I asked who, and he said it was people from the Red and White club. Of course, it was Michael.

"I had a ticket, I was visiting some friends and I got kicked out. It was bull----. I didn't want to make it a big problem, so I left."

Feterik was not the slightest bit interested in discussing the episode after the game.

"If you're trying to make a story out of this, NO!" he hollered, before storming away.

Fateri and Feterik are locked in a legal dispute over Fateri's ownership in the Stampeders.

When the Stamps parted ways with Fateri last year, Fateri claimed he owned a portion of the team.

Feterik stated the same on several occasions, but they haven't reached a compromise.

Depositions on the case begin next week and Fateri is visiting Calgary, from his home in California, to meet with his attorneys and visit friends.

"After what happened today, there might be another suit for defamation of character," said Fateri.


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